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The solitary garden was named Eden. It was loved once, before it was cast out by its mother. The Artist is a figure of myth. Stories of the Artist speak of both great compassion and great cruelty, spontaneity and bravery, a see-saw of sometimes-fickleness and sometimes-resolve. Most were skeptical of the Artist’s logic, even if her actions normally yielded positive results. But one constant could be agreed upon amongst her creations, this being easily understandable to any outsider: she would never be happy with how her ideas shaped up in reality. By most accounts, the Artist hid all her creations away in the end. Eden was lost in this way too, cut off from the outside world and condemned to grow unruly, unruled.

Upon coming across that same marooned patch of land, you thought it your duty to reshape it and return to it the love it had once known. The garden was a neutral space, where the Artist had only just began to chisel something truly worthy out of its raw materials. If you were willing to continue that work, you could carve your own name into that almost-blank slate, just under hers.

That is what you would set out to do as the Gardener.

More details yet to be announced.

Brain II (visible in the first image)'s model via Daniel Hughes.

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